Creating Your Home's Emergency Preparedness Kit

Disasters come in forms like tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes or flooding. In some cases, there may not be much time to prepare before the disaster hits. And even with warning, having a plan and some items on hand will keep you and your family from being without the basic necessities.

Here is a list with the basics of what is needed in your home in the event of a disaster.
Water: In emergencies, water can become unavailable. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recommends having at least one gallon of water per person per day for drinking and sanitation. The Department of Homeland Security's home preparedness tips suggest you should have enough food and water to last your household at least 72 hours. Children, pregnant or nursing women and sick people may need even more water than the recommended minimum. Humans can not go more than three days without water.
Food and Nutrition: The best items to have for emergencies are dried food kits, which can be stored away for years. Canned goods are a good option because of their long shelf life.
Power and Communication: It is possible during and emergency, you won't have access to t.v. or internet for information. Your cell phone may work in some situations, so it is important to keep extra power banks in your kit in case your phone needs to be charged. In some emergencies, the cellular network may be down or overloaded with calls you won't be able to communicate with anyone, so an emergency weather radio will be handy and include extra batteries!
Other Items to Have: Candles, oil lamps, flashlights, extra batteries, extra blankets, sweaters, socks, sleeping bags, medications for family members, baby formula and a first aid kit and make sure you have an emergency plan. Include how you and your family will evacuate, a meeting location and how to contact each other.
Emergencies or natural disasters can be stressful, so making a plan and having supplies ready to go in advance, will help you be more prepared

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